At a company as large as UHS, finding out how our pages were performing after launch wasn’t part of our process. I took it upon myself to find out how they were doing, and create reports so our team could learn from work we’ve already done to improve on future designs.

A group of hospitals in Southern California had formed a consortium for a new medical residency education program. This residency program needed a website to attract applicants and set it apart from competitors for the upcoming application and matching process.

The digital team wanted to improve the on-boarding experience for users to set up an appointment. I was tasked with mocking up the ideal on-boarding flow for a new user to select an appointment time, and complete the account set up after.

Our web team within UHS manages over 200 websites. Many of these were launched more than 4 years ago, and use Content Management Systems that a number of people can access and make changes. Our team was tasked with coming up with a set of guidelines as a first step to creating a design system that our team would use for future upgrades and new websites.


Synergía is a nonprofit focusing on LGBTQ advocacy and activism around the world. In 2018 the organization was transitioning away from a sponsoring organization and needed a new website to communicate it’s mission, global scale, and serve as a resource center for its multilingual audience.

My friend and former colleague Nick launched a company providing politically-inspired pins and jewelry. He hired me to do some in-depth research about his customers, to hopefully identify some ways to expand the product line for when the political climate shifted.

In 2017 the Philadelphia Department of Public Health had growing concern with increasing numbers of HIV among young men, especially young black men.  My colleague, Rob Peagler, who works under the business name of Social Innovation Studios, hired me as a contractor to support him in this project.