I live with my husband, son, and dog Roxy in South Philadelphia. Here’s some details on what it’s like to work with me, my experience and my interests.

My Approach

I try to keep a few things in mind when working on any project:

  • What is our main goal?
  • Who is this for?
  • How can I save myself time or save time for others?

With these aspects of the project in mind I try to do tasks that get me to the goal, that are useful to the main user, and that save time for me, the client, my colleagues, or the users. I find that these over-arching guideposts help keep me on track, and also help me to reflect on a project and distill the value I can create or add to it.

How I Got Into UX

I started out in the nonprofit world because I wanted to make a positive contribution to the world. I quickly realized nonprofits aren’t always the best actors in achieving that goal. I stumbled across an article in the NYTimes about using design for problem-solving, which featured Emily Pilloton’s Project H Design (Designing for Humanity). I instantly wanted to pursue it as a field. A program in my current city of Philadelphia, was using design in just this way. I visited and knew it was a great fit, so I got a Master’s degree in human-centered design.

Skills That Set Me Apart

  • Ability to listen to needs of team, stakeholders, and users
  • Ability to find technical tools or troubleshoot technical problems to save time or develop new capacities
  • Positive attitude that aims to enhance team productivity
  • Ability to identify and celebrate important project and team milestones, to contribute to an environment where everyone is striving for their best

My Interests and Passion

I’m interested in demystifying technology. In my past role running a nonprofit makerspace, I envisioned multiple ways to engage with people who identified as “not tech-savvy” so that they would want to explore and have fun with a wide range of technology. I also am interested in creating real value for users, teammates, supervisors. I want to spend my time doing things that are useful to these people, by saving time, capturing insights, or furthering understanding of complex topics and systems.