Project Background

The digital team wanted to improve the on-boarding experience for users to set up an appointment. My manager had analyzed the flow of traffic through our current appointment tool, and identified that there was a large drop-off at the point when users were prompted to create an account and select a password, before confirming the appointment. I was tasked with mocking up the ideal on-boarding flow for a new user to select an appointment time, and complete the account set up after.


Create a clickable prototype of an ideal user flow for a prospective patient to select a physician and appointment time, and receive prompts to complete their account set up after booking.

Phone Mockup Login
Phone Mockup Drop-down menu


  • Clickable prototype from screens I created in Sketch, exported to InVision
  • PDF version of prototype (because I don’t want to share the prototype from the company’s account here). Click on the PDF icon to view.

Team Members

  • Myself
  • Gerard Gober (Manager)

My Role

Gerard had some notes about the features to include, and the general order. I took those and designed the screens based on our current look and feel. I also designed the calendar element from scratch.

My Take-Aways

There was a lot of room for improvement in the user onboarding for UHS patients, as well as a lot of opportunity to build new mobile experiences that didn’t exist. I was happy to be able to contribute and try my hand at mobile user flows.